• Rounding the Rock

    Fastnet 2015

    Persephone after rounding the “Rock” ....

  • Festina Lente 1

    Festina Lente Cruising Summer 2015


  • Cowes Week 12, Day 1

    Cowes Week 2012

    Water Colour....

  • Hoisting

    Hoist! Get that guy back!

  • Cowes Week 2013, Day 1

    Cowes Week 2013

Latest News

26th Apr, 2016

Sigma 38 National Championships 2016

The National Championship Invitation to Enter and Entry Form has been sent to all owners. If you have not received it please contact Susan Rainger. The Championships will be hosted

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Next Event

10 Jun 2016

JOG - Alderney

Second race of the offshore series, with a Friday night start to the island of Alderne....

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Membership Form 2016

Membership form for all classes of membership. If you wish to renew an existing membership, please login with you password and follow the links to renewal..

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